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PCB Assembly is one of the company’s main activities. We are able to undertake a high-quality Printed Circuit Board Assembly on competitive prices and flexible conditions. We are a complete “one-stop” resource for printed circuit board assembly, including the SMT assembly, BGA assembly, through hole  assembly and soldering assembly. We offer customers a broad range of component placement capabilities.

With 2 automated assembly lines 0201 SMT devices are a cinch.  BGAs, QFPs, double-sided SMT, through-hole, MIL connectors, high-mix/low-quantity, all fall within Ucreate’s circuit assembly capabilities.  B.O.M. management and inventory control services help the customer to streamline their procurement process. All provided in a fully certified and traceable system.

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Ucreate has been committed to providing customers PCB & PCBA one-stop electronic manufacturing services more than 15 years. Our core products have been widely used in intelligent hardware, communications, industrial control, medical equipment, defense, power, automotive and computer fields. Please to follow us!

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