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Equipment: 8 automatic SMT equipment lines, Hitach screen printer, Fuji NXT-ii SMT machines, Fuji XPF-L module SMT machines, X-Ray machine, BGA inspection.

  • X-Ray


  • Wave Sodering

    Wave Sodering

  • PCB Baking Oven

    PCB Baking Oven

  • SMT Lines

    SMT Lines

  • SMT Lines

    SMT Lines

  • Reflow Oven

    Reflow Oven

  • SMT Machines

    SMT Machines

  • SMT Machines

    SMT Machines

  • BGA Storage

    BGA Storage

  • BGA Rework Machine

    BGA Rework Machine

  • AOI


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Ucreate has been committed to providing customers PCB & PCBA one-stop electronic manufacturing services more than 15 years. Our core products have been widely used in intelligent hardware, communications, industrial control, medical equipment, defense, power, automotive and computer fields. Please to follow us!

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