Enterprise Culture

  • Vision:

    To be a World-classcircuits Technology and Solutions Provider.

  • Mission:

    Providing high-quality products and service, contributing to the development of electronic industry.

  • Corporate Philosophy:

    Taken from the community. Giving back to society.
    Green policy. Sustainable development.
    Continuous innovations. customer satisfaction.
  • Core Values:

    Providing Sincere and Considerate service, maintaining sustainable development and mutual cooperation for win-win outcomes.
    Be Truthful and demonstrate integrity in all our dealings.
    Win-Win Cooperation:
    Recognize and respect each employee, each customer, each shareholder and each business associates individuals deserving our compassion.
    Commitment to Excellent:
    Focus on serving our customers’ produce quality work while continuously becoming more efficient and effective for long term success. 
    Continues improvement:
    Be creative and innovative as we face challenges and respond to opportunities.

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Ucreate has been committed to providing customers PCB & PCBA one-stop electronic manufacturing services more than 15 years. Our core products have been widely used in intelligent hardware, communications, industrial control, medical equipment, defense, power, automotive and computer fields. Please to follow us!

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