The smartphone market is more and more big


 The global intelligent mobile phone market in 2012 up to 676000000 branches, whichChinese into 132000000 branches, accounting for about 20% of global, estimated to 2016 China intelligent mobile phone market will be more than 300000000 branches,thus Chinese has become a global military electronic components manufacturers a hotly contested spot in intelligent mobile phone market, the world's largest mobile phonemarket in the future intelligent growth kinetic energy of the future from the Chinese,which in addition to international brands including Apple, Samsung, ZTE, Huawei will play a future Chinese local intelligent mobile phone brand assault troops. According to statistics, in 2012 April China 3G intelligent mobile phone market, by Samsung in 22.8%city accounted for hegemony, and continued to grow, followed by cool (Cool), Huawei(Huawei), Lenovo and ZTE (Lenovo) (ZTE), market share in a hand up and down,grabbed some four into the city to cool growth accounted for, among them most, andjumped to second from fifth in February.

        Because of ZTE, Huawei etc. Chinese local brand manufacturers in the past and owned land PCB factory has profound and lasting relations of cooperation, therefore time in this wave of intelligent mobile phone market rise, land resources of PCB factory won't let go, even through the official relations may seek further cooperation.

        The 3 major telecom operators, start of thousand yuan intelligent mobile phonestrategy, completely rewritten Chinese 3G intelligent mobile phone competition;including ZTE, Lenovo, Coolpad, Huawei continued input low-cost intelligent mobile phone, RMB 1000 yuan will be the future focus on the theater, and the low price market,will lead to another wave of the cost to account for the major PCB market competition.

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