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  • Custom PCB-The Ultimate Guide Sep 11,2023
    PCB circuit boards are all around us in every gadget we use. Be it the smart phone or a simple calculator; their function depends on the performance of PCBs. Do you know what is a PCB? The material encompassed by the printed circuit board includes: • Copper: the copper gathers on the thick layer of foundation known as the substrate. Depending on the type of board and use, there can be one or ...
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  • Why use flexible circuit boards? Aug 18,2023
    A Flexible Circuit Board, also known as a flex PCB or flex circuit, is a type of electronic circuit board that is designed to be flexible and bendable. Unlike traditional rigid circuit boards, which are made from rigid materials like fiberglass or ceramics, flexible circuit boards are constructed using flexible materials that allow them to bend, twist, and conform to different shapes without break...
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  • Demand Analysis of Industrial Power Supply PCBs Jul 19,2023
    Abstract: The demand for industrial power supply printed circuit boards (PCBs) has witnessed significant growth in recent years due to the increasing adoption of automation and advancements in power electronics. This article provides an in-depth analysis of the factors driving the demand for industrial power supply PCBs, including the need for energy-efficient solutions, expansion of renewable ene...
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  • The quality control of PCBA processing Jun 06,2023
    We Mainly Bulid Volume Production & High Difficult Printed Circuit Boards for 19+ years! Send Your Inquiry to, we will quote you in 2 hours! The whole process of PCBA circuit board assembly includes PCB processing, component procurement and inspection, SMT placement and DIP plug-in post-soldering and other processes. The entire PCBA circuit board processing process involve...
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  • The Steps of PCBA Processing Jun 05,2023
    We Mainly Bulid Volume Production & High Difficult Printed Circuit Boards and PCBA for 19+ years! Send Your PCB Gerber and BOM to, we will quote you in 2 hours! The raw materials of the PCBA circuit board production line are printed circuit boards, various integrated circuits and electronic components. Through these production lines, these integrated circuits and electroni...
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  •  The Future of PCBA for Security Systems The Future of PCBA for Security Systems May 31,2023
    Introduction: In today's fast-paced and interconnected world, ensuring the safety and security of our surroundings has become a paramount concern. The advancements in technology have given rise to sophisticated security solutions, and one such groundbreaking innovation is the PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly)-based surveillance system. Combining cutting-edge hardware and intelligent software, ...
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  • What is a rigid-flex board? What is a rigid-flex board? May 17,2023
    In the ever-evolving world of electronics, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. understand the importance of adopting cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation and success. One such technology that is revolutionizing the electronics industry is rigid-flex PCBs. These remarkable circuit boards offer a unique combination of flexibility and reliability, enabling manufacturers to create products...
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  • Top 10 PCB Circuit Board Manufacturers in China Top 10 PCB Circuit Board Manufacturers in China May 11,2023
    What is the pcb circuit board? Printed circuit board (PCB circuit board), also known as printed circuit board, is the provider of electrical connection of electronic components. It has developed for over 100 years; without PCBs, the existing improvement of modern technology, its design is mainly layout; the main advantage of the circuit boards is that it greatly reduces wiring and assembly errors ...
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  • The Temptation of PCB The Temptation of PCB Apr 26,2023
    On March 27, President Joe Biden signed a presidential resolution granting the use of the Defense Production Act (DPA) to allow the Defense Department to use $50 million (340 million yuan) to support the PCB (printed circuit board) and advanced chip packaging industry. The move is designed to ensure that the PCB can be produced in the United States. Unimpressive PCB A PCB is short for a printed ci...
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  • Introduction To The Six PCB Production Processes? Introduction To The Six PCB Production Processes? Nov 16,2022
    As shown, since 1903, Albert Hansen pioneered the concept of "line" to 1936, Paul Eisner really invented PCB production technology, and then today, more than a hundred years have passed, it can be said that the production process of PCB has been very mature, even PCB multilayer board, is also the case (Note: According to the relevant literature, in 1964, China's Ministry of Electronics under the r...
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