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  • Solutions To Poor Soldering In SMT Jun 13,2024
    At present, AOI is the most mainstream and efficient detection method in the SMD foundry industry. Every product of Enercon Electronics will pass AOI. AOI can detect many kinds of defects, including poor solder paste, poor component placement, poor reflow soldering, etc. Some of them can be repaired. The following introduces the most frequent welding defects and solutions we encounter in the produ...
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  • What Is Box Build Assembly? May 30,2024
    For newcomers just entering the electronics manufacturing industry, you will likely come across the term “box build” as an important concept. Box assembly is critical to electronic product assembly, allowing various components to be efficiently integrated into a single package to form a cohesive product. Mastering the box assembly process will greatly simplify complex product assembly, reduce cost...
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  • Flexible PCB for Wearable Devices Flexible PCB for Wearable Devices May 20,2024
    FPC flexible circuit board has excellent performance, has an indispensable role in electronic products, in line with the development needs of smart phones, smart wearable devices. Under the trend of miniaturisation and thinning of electronic products, FPC boards are growing in volume and ushering in prosperous development. Wearable devices have become integrated into daily life. These devices moni...
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  • Three Common Interface Circuits: TTL, RS232, RS485 May 15,2024
    The main function of the interface circuit is level connection and impedance matching, and sometimes there are simple signal processing or "maintenance", electrostatic protection, AC and DC isolation and other functions. Common circuit interfaces are TTL, CMOS, ECL, RS232, RS485, optical isolation interface, UcreatePCB factory is mainly engaged in PCBA generation of materials, SMT chip processing ...
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  • Differences Between Lead-based And Lead-free In PCBA Processing Differences Between Lead-based And Lead-free In PCBA Processing May 11,2024
    There are generally two processes for PCBA processing, one is the lead-free process, and the other is the lead-based process. Everyone knows that lead is harmful to humans, so the lead-free process meets the requirements of environmental protection and is the general trend and an inevitable choice in history. Ucreate PCB CO LTD is engaged in the processing business of SMT OEM materials. We only do...
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  • Why Should We Clean PCBA? Apr 30,2024
    The assembly of PCBA of general electronic products requires the SMT+THT process, which includes wave soldering, reflow soldering, manual soldering and other welding processes. No matter what method of welding is used, the assembly (electrical assembly) process is the main one. Assembly sources of contamination. Contaminants are defined as any surface deposits, impurities, slag inclusions and adso...
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  • What's PCBA? Apr 19,2024
    PCBA is a core technology in the field of electronic manufacturing and a key part of most electronic devices today. The full name of PCBA is Printed Circuit Board Assembly, which refers to the assembly of electronic components, connectors, plug-ins, digital logic gates, microcontrollers, etc. on printed circuit boards, and then performing various welding and plugging and other processes to make it...
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  • What Is A 4-Layer PCB? Mar 05,2024
    A PCB is a board of non-conductive material, such as fibreglass or composite epoxy, with a layer of conductive copper traces etched onto its surface. These traces form circuits that allow electrical signals to flow between components. An important aspect of printed circuit boards is the concept of layer count. Layer count refers to the number of conductive layers in a PCB, which determines its com...
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  • Surface Finishing For PCB Surface Finishing For PCB Feb 20,2024
    Proper surface finishing is crucial in PCB manufacturing to ensure high-quality, reliable circuit boards. It involves several steps before the assembly process to enhance solder ability, promote adhesion, and optimize electrical performance. Surface finishing is not only about the technology and methodology employed but also about the technology and methodology used. This will include ad...
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