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  • What is SMT patch wave soldering? May 08,2023
    What is SMT patch wave soldering? Wave soldering means that the molten solder is sprayed by an electric pump or an electromagnetic pump into a solder wave peak required by the design, and it can also be formed by injecting nitrogen into the solder pool, so that the circuit board pre-installed with components passes through the solder wave peak. , to realize the soldering of the mechanical and elec...
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  • The Precautions of Circuit Board Soldering The Precautions of Circuit Board Soldering May 26,2023
    In PCB assembly manufacturers, circuit board soldering usually includes reflow soldering, wave soldering and electric soldering iron soldering. Reflow soldering and wave soldering are SMT patches, which are less affected by human factors. Electric soldering iron soldering is manual soldering, which is affected by human factors. relatively large impact. Ucreatepcb provides intelligent manufacturing...
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  • Common Soldering Problems & How to Resolve Them Common Soldering Problems & How to Resolve Them Jan 10,2024
    Although the technicians who do the soldering during PCB assembly are often highly trained, mistakes can still happen. However, understanding the most common soldering problems and knowing how to avoid them will make it much easier to conduct flawless soldering on PCBs of all types. The following are some of the most common PCB soldering problems, along with ways to resolve these issues: 1. A dist...
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  • Solutions To Poor Soldering In SMT Jun 13,2024
    At present, AOI is the most mainstream and efficient detection method in the SMD foundry industry. Every product of Enercon Electronics will pass AOI. AOI can detect many kinds of defects, including poor solder paste, poor component placement, poor reflow soldering, etc. Some of them can be repaired. The following introduces the most frequent welding defects and solutions we encounter in the produ...
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  • What Is Selective Wave Soldering? Jun 21,2024
    What is selective wave soldering? Selective wave soldering, also known as robot soldering, is a special form of wave soldering invented to meet the development requirements of through-hole component soldering. Selective wave soldering generally consists of three modules: flux spraying, preheating and welding. Through the equipment programming device, the flux spraying module can complete the selec...
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